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Developing and simulating complex systems architectures

From consistent architecture design to efficient collaboration; from the component integration up to the complete model simulation in the target environment. Simple, transparent, fast - high quality.

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Interoperability is key for efficient processes

  • System Structure and Parameterization

    Up until now, you have likely documented the specifications directly on the interfaces of your system’s components. Now simply look to the new standard of the Modelica Association: SSP – System Structure and Parameterization.
  • easy system architectures

    With our SSP editor, developing complex system architectures (System Structure) with subsystems and components, along with their relationships to one another and their parameterizations for simulations, has never been so easy. Everything in a single standardized format: SSP.
  • easy collaboration und integration

    Provide your developers and suppliers of simulation models with a standardized documentation, so that you can be certain that the integration of your entire system is fast and reliable. That way, you save time and energy.
  • SSP is the process accelerator

    SSP is the process accelerator for generating the structure of your simulation system all the way up to simulating the data in compatible simulation environments. The right tool for this is orchideo | easySSP. Generate, share and integrate simulation models – it’s simple, quick and delivers high quality!

Cloud-based, easy to use yet individualizable

orchideo | easySSP is a cloud-based solution – accessible by anyone at any time – with an innovative UI – intuitive to use. So that creating models is a quick draw of the hand - fun and simple.

orchideo | easySSP is no Software as a Service (SaaS) in the traditional sense. orchideo | easySSP is rather a representative of the next generation of individualizable SaaS.

The architecture of orchideo | easySSP allows individual functionality and interfaces according to your needs. This is how we envision optimal integration in your processes – it simply works. orchideo | easySSP can even operate in your own cloud.

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