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This page contains all terms that have to be considered when using www.easy-ssp.com (orchideo | easySSP).

If you don’t agree with these terms, you should stop using our service.

Gathered data

When using orchideo | easySSP the server logs information about your device, browser type and IP address, which helps us debug technical problems that may occur within the application. This information is stored in a cyclical log where the oldest data is overwritten by current data continuously. The maximum cycle period is 10 days. These logs contain no model information other than model-ids. Only the support team is permitted access to those logs.

Model data

orchideo | easySSP is a client-server application. SSP-models are temporarily stored during the browser session. We use HTTP over TLS1.2 to ensure communication between you and our servers is encrypted and secure. Therefore, no other user can access your models. All model data is deleted when the browser session expires. Sessions expire at the latest after 24 hours.

User related data

No user related data besides a generated session-id is transferred and stored when you use orchideo | easySSP. Moreover, we do not set or use cookies in the orchideo | easySSP application.

Disclosure of information

We don’t share any information with third parties, unless it is with your consent or required by law.

Further questions

If you have further questions about the Terms of Use, please send us an email to easy-ssp(at)exxcellent.de.

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